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Youth to follow in the older generation’s footsteps


Date:10.05.2012War is a ghastly confrontation between nations. Its battles live on in the veterans’ memory : Fight for Moscow, Kursk Bulge, Ryazan marshes... And people’s memory is boundless, the pain of loss lives on in each of us. In Moscow alone last year 23 thousand veterans had passed away. This statistic in Kazakhstan is as bleak. New entries keep being made in "The Book of Memory" in the wake of these departures. The young learn to love their homeland as did their heroic forerunners.

May 7, 1992 President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev signed a decree on the establishment of the National Armed Forces. The date was declared the Day of Fatherland Defender. A new generation of the defenders is rising, the one, worthy of their heroic predecessors, of which we get convinced, when seeing what officers are trained at the military department of the Eurasian National University.
The weather on May 4 stood out cold, with tedious drizzling rain and gusts of wind. War veterans invited to the festivity of the military department, sat solemnly in a row: Gabdulla Galimbekovich Zaripov, whose chest was decorated with awards of five states, Mikhail Kulikov, liaison officer of the 2nd Ukrainian Front led by a legendary Soviet Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky; Kamatai Temirbekuly Tokabayev, sniper , a paratrooper of the 1st Ukrainian and 1st Byelorussian Fronts, Gregory S. Lobanov, a former young prisoner of fascists.
Trainees of the military department were lined up, and the Head of the Military Education Department with MOS, Colonel Kaydar Isainov, congratulating the regular officers on an official holiday, said, that on the law "On Military Service" they are awarded an officer's rank on completion of the course.
In his brief address to the future officers Ouali Elamanov –head of the Military Chair also reminded of the importance of the KADEX 2012 International Exhibition of arms and military equipment going on in Kazakhstan, in the development of defense industry capacity - a guarantee of the State security, he added.
- The Great Patriotic War will never be forgotten - said Maj.-Gen. - In the slaughter of human lives were our grandfathers, great grandfathers, fathers and mothers. My father never returned from the front, my uncle fought for his country and then literally rose from ashes. Then the Soviet Union broke up, regular officers were leaving, and their replacement had not yet been trained. It was painful to see the whole deserted military camps. But we survived!
Gifts to the war veterans were handed on behalf of the university’s trade union committee, military and patriotic songs were sung for them; then there was a march on the parade ground and a competition between the teams.
Three generations were sitting at one table, singing the same songs, reminiscent of the war that broke lives of millions of people of different nationalities, left millions of widows, bereft mothers alone with their irreparable loss. The unabating pain of the Great Patriotic War will remain in the memory of man as long as there is mankind. Somewhere I read that throughout the history of human race there has never been even a single day without a war, but not as tragic as this one that ended 67 years ago. It was as though our Mother Land itself rose in defense of the victorious warrior, as man is said to be above the war.

The Days of Fatherland Defender and of Victory in Kazakhstan are now the two dates in close succession, in memory of those times of trial, when people were defending their future side by side.


Zhanna Salimova